Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

The white beads are concentration of plant butters which solidify as they cool.

Natural unrefined and unprocessed butters, sometimes separate in some products with changes in temperature.

The beads of butter will melt as you massage the product into your skin. 

Soaps from commercial stores that may be labeled as "natural" are, in fact, detergents that include hardeners, foaming agents, and most of them have removed most of the good stuff that occurs in the soap making process, and replaced in with synthetic lathering agents and harsh chemicals. These cheap, detergent bars are not only bad for your skin, but they are bad for the planet too. 

Commercial soap companies remove the glycerin that is produced during the (soap-making) process to sell it to companies who use it to make moisturizers. Once glycerin is removed from soap it will dry your skin. 

The main reason to use handmade soap is the ingredients. 

Also, natural soaps are biodegradable, and environmentally friendly.

Our handmade soap is a bit more expensive than some other options available. One of the reasons is because most companies use palm oil which it is very cheap and bad for our forests. We do not use palm oil products of any sort. Instead we pay 3-4 times more for our olive, argan, jojoba oil as a base rather than palm oil, and we add many hours of labor infusing those oils with extra herbs and goodness. 

We also add a lot of other expensive and organic ingredients such as other luxury oils, butters, herbs, pure scents from essential oils and natural fragrances. Take a look at our ingredient lists, and you will see all the love and care we add to our products. 

In Ananda Body Care we want to make your bathing experience a small luxury that will improve your skin and mind.

Please use all products within 18 months :)

Our shipping fee is automatically calculated by our system. One thing that makes our shipping fee higher is that all of our containers are either glass or metal tins. As you know, they are way heavier than plastic. 


Your handmade soap contains high glycerin content, which is great
for your skin, but it can retain more moisture. 

To extend the life of your handcrafted soap, store somewhere to dry out
between uses, place it in a soap dish or rack, away from running water. 

Since these sugar scrubs do not contain preservatives, remove the desired amount from the container for use, prior to entering the shower or bath.

Avoid adding water to the jar will prolong shelf life. 

Since they are made of oils and butters, high temperatures will melt them. 

Avoid high temperatures and if they becomes soft, please don't worry! A melted product is not a bad product...

Leave your product at room temperature for a couple hours or pop it in the fridge or freezer for a bit and it'll go back to solid. It may look a little different but it will still be the same super nourishing balm. It will still go on easily, sink in quickly and leave your skin feeling and smelling amazing. 


Due to the delicate nature of handcrafted products, unfortunately we are unable to return products. We put detailed descriptions on each item, so you know what you are buying and using, please read each product fully before buying. I do my best to give descriptions for each product. However if you are still unsure about the scent, I'd be happy to give a more simple description at request.

There will be NO RETURNS on any items with the exception of items found to be damaged or defective, and to be determined on a “case-by-case” basis only. If the product you received is in fact damaged or was sent by mistake, I will gladly do my best to fix the problem (for more info on this please contact me).

We do not normally accept order cancellations once an order has been processed at this time; however we are all human and if mistakes are made, feel free to email us.

Please ensure that the correct shipping recipient and shipping address is included at the time the order is placed. We are not responsible for packages that do not have the proper delivery instructions once an order has been processed.

If an order is returned to us, due to an undeliverable address, we will contact you to provide a valid mailing address. If an incorrect address is provided, we are not responsible for replacing the order, unless it is returned back to us. However, if an address is provided incorrectly and the USPS tracking info indicates ‘delivered’ we will not replace the package.